"What does he wear around his neck?" ... must be one of our spirit / whisky glass holders. This ever more popular connoisseur accessory is the latest must-have on German spirits and whisky exhibitions.

Our clients enjoy the liberty of using their hands for things other than holding their glass. They shake hands, take a closer look at bottles and books or use their cameras to capture the moment. And yet they will never again lose their glass by leaving it unattended.

But the best thing about it: individually designed ad weavings make each glass holder convey YOUR message!

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  • Made in Germany
  • Oekotex Standard 100
  • Almost odorless
  • Company logo & text adverts
  • Any purpose

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Any purpose

The holder is made of flexible textile rubber. It supports at least five different kinds of glasses:

  • Spiegelau whisky sniffer
  • Classic-Malts glass
  • rastal Bugatti liquor goblet
  • rastal Harmony liquor goblet
  • Glencairn glass

Any design

When ordering min. 250 units, we will design your personal glass holder including customized text or company logo - adaptability provided.

Especially useful for:

  • Clubs
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Promotion
  • Corporate events
  • Hiking

Any color

Currently, we can offer you straps in 20 different colors (exclusive of the holder parts) and weavings in up to 4 colors.

The holder parts are always black.


The longer a product is in contact with your skin, the less polluted it may be.
The material used for our glass holder is tested according to Oekotex Standard 100 and certified as product class 1 (suitable for babies).

Almost odorless

You will frequently hold our glass holder to your nose; but do you want to smell the glass or its holder? Definitely not! Therefore, our glass holder is almost odorless. Let your nose take this decision for you: try our product compared to a cheaper, imprinted version.


We want you to enjoy our glass holders for a long time. Imprints tend to break quickly and then look bad.
Not with us: all our glass holders are high quality woven products. Choose from three different weavings and manufacturing options.

Made in Germany

Our individual, premium product is exclusively "Made in Germany" - the only way for us to ensure highest quality and ethical standards.

That's whisky


Simple weave. Back black without negative image of the font. From 500 pieces.


Extra fine weave, a black back without negative image of the font. From 250 pieces.


Extra fine weave, on unicoloured carrier tape.
From 250 pieces.